news,pride,events • 05 Oct 2020

Bear Pride 2020 - Schedule

#COVID19 forced us to reinvent this event in something smaller, focus on the local community, and our direct neighbor instead of a truly international event. But Luxembourg isn’t already international after all?

This year, we’ll do then only smaller events:

  1. OctoBEARFest on Friday at Bar Rouge. It’s mandatory to reserve your seat here.
  2. Diner spectacle with a bearbecue at Knokke Out on Saturday. Reservation is also mandatory since we need to put the table and order food and everything a few days before. You have until Monday the 12th.
  3. A brunch, probably at Mama Shelter or any nice place doing brunch in Luxembourg-city. We’re still trying to figure it out so, please, RSVP here if you’re interested.

Find the entire details of the bear pride on the BEAR PRIDE section of the site.

The menu for the Diner spectacle is just below ⤵️

menu of the bearbecue

Any questions? Reach us by email!