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Meet us at Cologne Pride!
August 19, 2021 in pride
On the 28 & 29 of August, Cologne will hold one of the probably biggest European pride this year.
Shop Opening: new way to support us
July 10, 2021 in
We are thrilled to be able to open our small online shop at last. After a lot of time working, reworking it, it’s finally out (after changing the technical solution a half dozen times).
Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2021 application open
May 24, 2021 in mr bear and bear pride
We are very delighted to announce that we open the candidate application app for Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2021 ! This application will be used later on also to gives you all the informations needed for the event, so we recommend to install it 😃.
Worldfetish show contest
May 13, 2021 in fetish, contest, show, and eurovision
The Worldfetish Show Contest started in 2020 as a fun project to entertain a group of friends, who were depressed because of the pandemic. There were no professional movie crews to shoot the videos, just them and their mobile phones.
Hello Youtube
October 18, 2020 in news, and videos
Videos are more viral than any picture or traditional post. They are mainstream in any social media platform. So, even if we are not professional editors, we gonna try to make more and more content in videos for you.
Bear Pride 2020 - Schedule
October 05, 2020 in news,pride,events
#COVID19 forced us to reinvent this event in something smaller, focus on the local community, and our direct neighbor instead of a truly international event. But Luxembourg isn’t already international after all?
Mr Bear 2020 will stay for another year
September 22, 2020 in news
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Paul, our Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2020 was facing a very complex and unique year, with a lot of challenges when it comes to community representation when you cannot travel and meet people.
Le sexe pendant le COVID19
June 17, 2020 in prevention
La situation sanitaire que nous traversons est exceptionnelle. Même si nous entrons dans une phase de déconfinement, le COVID-19 est malheureusement toujours présent. Si nous voulons limiter sa propagation, il convient donc d’adapter nos pratiques dans la mesure de ce qui est possible pour chacun-e d’entre nous.
HIV Autotest now available at Red Cross
May 03, 2020 in prevention
Long story short, the Red Cross is sending for free autotest to keep on the testing during COVID-19. To get it you can phone call 27 55 4500 between 2 pm and 5 pm during the week or send an email to You’ll be in touch with a professional who’ll explain how to use the autotest.