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HIV Autotest now available at Red Cross
May 03, 2020 in prevention
Long story short, the Red Cross is sending for free autotest to keep on the testing during COVID-19. To get it you can phone call 27 55 4500 between 2 pm and 5 pm during the week or send an email to You’ll be in touch with a professional who’ll explain how to use the autotest.
Survey: Bear Calendar
December 22, 2019 in survey
Hello all of you 😃
Semaine Internationale de dépistage
December 01, 2019 in news and prevention
🤔 C’est quoi une pratique à risque? Nouvelle brochure de la Croix Rouge Luxembourg , disponible dans les soirées Fairytails, Banana et Woof Luxembourg et en téléchargement ici
Paul Feitler, Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2020
October 20, 2019 in news
👉Paul Feitler is Mister Bear Luxembourg 2020! 👈
Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2020 Election pictures
October 18, 2019 in news
Pictures are online. Thanks to a lot of you, we have a lot of community contribution. So there’s several albums available online. Stay tuned for more albums comings. Meanwhile, here’s the first ones.