press release and news • 17 Sep 2023

Official Announcement: Cancellation of the Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2024 Election

Dear Bear Community,

It’s with deep sadness that we must announce that due to the lack of participants for this year’s Mr. Bear Luxembourg election, the event has been forced into cancellation. This means we will not have a Mr. Bear Luxembourg for the year 2024.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that while the election is canceled, the Bear Pride festivities are still very much on! Our commitment to the community remains unswayed, and we are determined to provide you with a memorable and festive weekend.

To substitute for the election night, we’re considering two alternatives: a communal dinner or a screening of a “bear” movie celebrating our community. More details on this revised event will be provided shortly.

Another important update

Following a collective decision among the past Mr. Bear titleholders, it has been decided that for this exceptional year, any former Mr. Bear Luxembourg will be eligible to represent the country internationally, depending on availability.

Program Change

The Woof party will now start at 11 PM, ensuring an unmatched festive atmosphere.

We remain hopeful and driven to inspire greater enthusiasm for next year’s edition. Your passion and continued support will always be the cornerstone of this event.

Stay tuned for more updates and forthcoming details. Your understanding, support, and love for the community are more appreciated than ever.

With all our warmth and dedication, The Bear Dukes Luxembourg Team 🐻❤️🌈